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Young Women’s ANGEL Advocacy (Advocate Now to Grow, Empower and Lead) Program

In the U.S., breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer amongst women in their 20s and 30s, and Black women are diagnosed at younger ages and with more aggressive types of breast cancer than any other group. The Tigerlily Foundation is committed to ending breast cancer disparities that disproportionately impact the Black community by transforming lives by mobilizing our community of young people, caregivers and loved ones. With the ANGEL Advocacy Program, we focus on two foundational initiatives to mobilize this community: 

Training and Resources

The ANGEL Advocacy Program provides comprehensive training and access to services and resources for people of color between the ages of 21-50, who have been personally or systemically touched by the disease. ANGEL Advocates become more knowledgeable about breast cancer, and the disparities that affect this population

Advocacy in Action

Our ANGEL Advocates become more knowledgeable about breast cancer, and the disparities that affect this population and use their time and voices to make an impact by:

  • Speaking at events 
  • Being highlighted in the media
  • Advocating with policymakers
  • Speaking on panels 
  • Sharing information on breast health
  • Advocacy through their social media channels
  • Engaging healthcare professionals.
Many ANGEL Advocates are directly involved with developing our programs and partnering with research and scientific communities to ensure clinical trials, studies, programs, and content are relevant to their population.

Call to Action

We are actively accepting applications from people between 21 and 50 who have been impacted by breast cancer. With targeted outreach opportunities in communities with the highest disparities, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Questions? Email us at 

If you are interested in supporting patients on the RAISE platform, you can sign up to be a donor through the QR code and website above OR you can sign up as an anonymous donor by clicking the button below:




Angel Advocate


Angel Advocate

Global Advocacy Initiative

Through this program, Tigerlily Foundation supports educational, awareness and advocacy initiatives around the globe. Our first partner initiative is the Tumaini Africa Breast Cancer Outreach (TABCO) program, based in Kenya. TABCO is a grassroots movement created by Breast Cancer Advocates and Champions in collaboration with breast cancer organizations to spread knowledge and hope (Tumaini).

Thank You to Our Generous Partners & Supporters